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Ghost Punch Book 1

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Another Friday night, another trip through a potentially haunted house. Shay’s not a believer, but she’s willing to help her best friend, Max, with their amateur ghost hunting show. Little does she know she is about to be thrown into a world of witches and dangerous spirits.

With newly discovered abilities, Shay finds that she can both see and touch spirits. The downside is, the ghosts can touch her back, and it seems that they'll do anything to get a hold of her.

She was never much of a ghost hunter. How will she do when she is the one being hunted?

Grave Reflection is the first book of Ghost Punch, an exciting paranormal series full of mystery and action!



Ihale Book 2

Magical blackouts, forest creatures in the walls, and people going missing.

Ihale City isn’t safe anymore.

It’s been months since the events in the tunnels and Heln can’t let his guard down. Something is out there, just waiting to spirit him away outside of the walls and into the domain of the forest god.

He finally gives in.

Bel and Rhyss follow.

Out in the forest things are not what they expected. Heln is called on to help with the very thing that has been causing Ihalins to leave the city for a thousand years. Something dark that lurks in the heart of the old city.

Will he be able to stop it? What could be at the center of it all?

Will Bel and Rhyss’s friendship, driven by the danger they’re in, blossom into something more?

The Abandoned City continues the story of Ihale - and the secrets hidden there.

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Ihale Book 1

Bel and Heln take a shortcut and are arrested - and that's only the start of their problems.

Chased into underground ruins by clay constructs, they have to survive on their magic and their wits. The magic around them is older, and the symbol of the forest god is everywhere. Is it just a terrifying tale, or is the forest god real? And what else could be lurking, down in the dark?

The Rising Stones is a story of family, friends, love, and deeply buried secrets.

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A. Lawrence is a writer and artist.  They grew up in Idaho where they were enchanted by long stretches of road, forested mountains, and abandoned cabins coated in moss.

They write fantasy and supernatural novels with a wide diversity of characters.




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